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Growing Your Business

growing your businessTo grow your business successfully, you need all three of the following:

  1. A substantial number of prospective clients, who you can locate and connect.
  2. These prospective clients need to have a problem which your service provides the answer.
  3. Finally, they need to be willing and able to pay you for solving their problem.

The three items above are what most people strive for to have a successful business.

However, if you want even more from your business, something exceptional, you need to do one thing differently. To be outstanding, you need to change number 2 on this list:

These prospective clients need to have a problem, which ONLY your service provides the answer to.

Yes, it takes more effort to develop a uniquely valuable product or service, but the rewards are disproportionately high. For example, you no longer have to compete for business based on fees. Also, by deliberately choosing the type of problem to solve, you can predetermine the quality of clients you work with.

Here is a suggestion:

Think about gaps in the market — problems that are currently not being solved by existing providers. Dig deep. Stick with it until you get some answers. Keep working on it. Give it the time and energy it needs.

Why? Because you only need to get this right once for your whole world to change!

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