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Government PO Financing and Receivables Financing

A great way to grow your business is selling to the government. 99% of federal, state and city government entities are creditworthy and they buy every product and service that is manufactured or delivered in the US.

Here are a few tips when contracting with the government:

  • Make sure you have enough margin. Many times people will low bid and only have 5-7% gross margin and think they have a foot in the door. On the next round of bidding when they raise it to 20-30-40% gross margin they need they don’t get the bid.
  • Don’t give your services and products away. There is only one thing worse than no sales and that’s selling at a loss.
  • You also might have to prove your financial capabilities to the Government. We can help. Paragon Financial will supply you with a letter of financial capabilities to show you have a 1 million or 1/2 million dollar invoice factoring, accounts receivable funding or finance facility. And that we can fund the deal and make sure the government entity buying is comfortable with you.
  • Every government contract has a section called FAR where the contract can be assigned for financing purposes. We are experts in this area.

If you’d like to sell to the government or selling to the government already but don’t have enough working capital we can help. Contact us today about our receivable financing and PO financing programs.

Click here for more information on government financing.

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