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Funding Your Fast Growing Company

Funding A fast-growing company will be in constant demand for funds in order to further fuel that growth. Money is required to purchase additional materials, bring in more personnel and cover operating costs.

There are numerous ways for a business to get the funds that they might need, though there is no guaranteed way. Loans are the most common way to secure funds though they are difficult to obtain for many. New companies and those with bad credit have the hardest times. One very good option is to use accounts receivable financing, and invoice factoring, also known as invoice financing.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring involves one company, the factor, purchasing the invoices of another. Invoices are the outstanding balances owed to the company for jobs already performed. This is money that the company expects to receive from their customers. A factor will buy these and pay the business owed the money a percentage of the outstanding invoice upfront. The factor will then collect on the invoice, pay the money back to the company and then charge them a fee. There is a need to determine and agree on the fees before signing the contract.

The benefits of invoice financing are many. It allows for companies to get a lump sum of money extremely quickly and without having to collect on the invoices themselves. In fact, it only takes 5-7 days for the factoring to complete. You can use this money for whatever your company needs. Materials, supplies, insurance or operating expenses are commonly paid for with these monies.

Accounts receivable financing may also be ideal for companies that do not have an internal collections staff. This allows them to essentially outsource those duties to a factoring company that is experienced. Not only does a company receive an advance on their invoices but they do not have to do any of the collections. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Nevertheless, at least it should be if done correctly.

Companies on the fast track, will often times need additional money for continued growth. Even though they may be making sales, if the invoices are unpaid, they will have a cash flow problem. Accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring can help remedy this problem by providing companies with the money they need.

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