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Factoring Broker Tips: Cold Calling

factoring broker tips

How to Cold Call for Factoring Brokers

Cold calling is tough but it still works. There is nothing wrong with emails, SEO and networking (my favorite way to get business) but a well-targeted call to the right potential prospect or referral source still bears fruit.

Factoring Broker Prospects:

I get very few hang-ups when cold calling prospective Receivables Financing or PO Funding Clients. Why is that? Let’s start with a few simple rules:

Target a specific industry.

For instance, Paragon targets staffing companies. Your opening line might be ” Good Morning! This is Daniel from Paragon Financial, for 27 years we have been funding Staffing companies. We have new, aggressive financing programs for GA staffing companies. Can I please talk to Ms. Jones?

Have a clear goal or goals for each call.

If you can’t talk to someone then ask politely “Can I please email Ms. Jones information on Receivable financing for her staffing company? Great! Her email is?” If you can’t talk to someone, at least get your information in front of the business owner.

Instill a sense of urgency.

Noticed I stated, “we have new, aggressive financing programs for GA Staffing companies”. I offered something new that can help the company and designed specifically for their industry/location.

Brevity, Brevity, Brevity.

Your goal gets past the gatekeeper or gets the information.

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