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Factoring Broker Business Opportunity

Factoring brokers commissions

Factoring Broker Referral Programs

For over 25 years, our goal at Paragon has been to give brokers the business opportunity and tools to grow your intermediary financial business and to help entrepreneurs in your community.

If you refer a deal to us, we pay a factoring broker commission for the life of the account. All you have to do is give us a name and a number. If we close the deal, you get the commissions.

Imagine getting a check in the mail every month for a simple referral!  It can be an ongoing salary!

Our sweet spot is companies who sell on Net 20-90 day terms with B2B or B2G sales of $30,000 – $10,000,000 per month in the US. We also fund importers of goods into the US.

Many companies cannot get financing because of tax issues. Paragon has expertise in funding companies with tax problems.

Credit protection is another “hot button” for entrepreneurs. In business, there is only one thing worse than no sales, and that is selling it and not getting paid! Less than 20% of A/R funders and factors utilize Credit Insurance to protect against the account debtor’s bankruptcy.

Paragon looks at credit protection as a necessity and believes that credit protection is essential for our client’s long-term survival and success.

Paragon also has deep expertise in Government Invoice factoring, which is another great selling tool for you. Many Banks and Factors aren’t comfortable with Government Receivables and stay away from them. Paragon encourages Gov’t A/R & PO funding and realizes it is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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