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Factoring Aerospace/Aircraft Suppliers

factoring aerospace and aircraft suppliersCASE STUDY

Industry: Aerospace/Specialty Coating


The largest company in the world providing molded interior parts for the aerospace/aircraft parts industry was offered an opportunity to sell to a Tier One supplier in California. As part of the agreement, they opened a plant right next door to the supplier to minimize packaging and transportation costs. Working with an international business consultant, they incorporated and began the process of building the plant. Funding was paramount, and they ran into barriers with traditional bank financing to build their new site. Their business consultant referred them to Paragon Financial Group. Such reference is based on our experience working with foreign companies and opening U.S.-based operations.

The Deal:

$850,000 factoring line of credit.

The U.S. subsidiary was foreign-owned and had no U.S. assets. Therefore, Paragon needed a cross-corporate guaranty with the parent company that was larger and more credit-worthy. We put our diplomacy and negotiating skills to work and were able to seal the three-party deal after conducting due diligence on international ownership.

Paragon Financial’s team worked through several layers of legalese with lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic. We ironed out the legal issues and flew out to the building site in California to get the contract signed.

Our invoice factoring and credit protection programs gave them access to the working capital they needed to support their U.S. based operations, assistance managing their accounts receivable and serve as their domestic credit department.


The aerospace/aircraft parts company had the financial resources they needed to hit the ground running right when the U.S. plant opened. Paragon Financial’s dynamic and effective solutions helped the company take the challenging steps needed to expand and grow.

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