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Bank Factoring

bank factoring

Bank Factoring

As a banker, you want to help your clients in every way to obtain the financing they need to run their businesses. You can often be put in a weak position because of policies outside your control. Also, you are not able to lend appropriately to the client. As a result, your client may want to leverage invoice factoring or purchase order financing as a way to raise additional cash for working capital.

Often the best choice for a banker is to outsource to a competent and experienced factoring company like Paragon Financial. This relationship is highly beneficial to the banker. You retain the relationship with your customer, and your customer gets the extra funding they desperately need. We are not in the bank business and will not compete with you for your customers.

For a bank that does not provide factoring internally, which includes most commercial banks, an outsourcing solution makes business sense. It provides a strong funding solution for the client, allows your bank to focus on its core lending activities, gives the bank a net gain through referral and collaboration, and strengthens an existing relationship with the client.

Paragon provides a complete outsource bank factoring capability so that you can refer your long-standing clients to us with confidence that we will deliver quality factoring services, and treat your customers with care, concern, and respect.


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