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Collection Strategies for Getting Paid on Time

Collection Strategies for Getting Paid on Time
Running a business is a challenging prospect, add in the current economic environment and keeping your business afloat is harder than ever. As we all know, a huge aspect of having a healthy company is cash flow. In fact, 82 percent of small business failures stem from poor cash-flow management. We often need to slow down, review our agreements and procedures to fully realize our business potential. By implementing a good collections strategy, you

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A Timely Call-to-action for Lenders
Now, more than ever, lenders want to be able to say, “Yes,” even when a bank customer cannot qualify for a business loan with the lending institution. Asset-based loan lenders, banks, and credit unions can refer loan turndown customers with confidence citing Paragon Financial Group’s 26-years of experience, risk-minimized and debt-free accounts receivable funding solutions, and credibility backed by a loss history of less than 1/2 of 1%.

Particularly as bu

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Some people may think back to their school days when upon seeing the term Notice of Assignment. However, a Notice of Assignment has nothing to do with what your teacher assigns.

It’s a tool that factoring agencies use to help small to large businesses receive the liquid cash to grow and thrive within their market. Today, many companies partner with a receivable factoring company to create the A/R financing they need to succeed. An essential step in this partnership is the creation of a Notice

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This article was originally published in the ABJ Journal and written by Paragon Financial’s President, Chris Curtin.

When disaster strikes, many need contractors to clean up the aftermath. Chris Curtin explores the process of providing invoice factoring to FEMA contractors and outlines potential pitfalls for factors.

Over the last decade, the estimated cost of natural disasters to the U.S. government was an astronomical 350 billion dollars.

Natural disasters can leave catastrophic destr

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Top 10 Benefits of Disaster Recovery Invoice Factoring Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are simply a part of life. Fires, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, tsunami, and earthquakes can reach devastation on local economies. A business must keep ahead of the risk and prepare when the worst does come. Factors have special disaster assistance program provides emergency non-recourse invoice factoring; credit protected working capital for co

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How to Win (& Finance) Government Contracts

Generating nearly $1 trillion each year into businesses across the country, the U.S. government continues to be the largest single purchaser of goods and services to both large and small enterprises with their letting of contracts and Request For Proposals (RFP). The federal government has lots of money to spend and is the single investor who is printing more of the stuff. Businesses of all sizes and those in nearly any industry can win high-value contracts with the federal government.


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Dig a Well Before You Need One – Starting a Commercial Financing Relationship

The best time to dig a well is when you don’t need one. The result is also right: don’t wait until you need one to get one. The same is true for building a relationship with a commercial finance company. The most desirable time to establish a financing relationship is before you’re in dire need of one. Please don’t wait until it’s too late for someone to get to know you and your business.

Commercial Financing Relationshi

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How to Become a Factoring Broker Becoming a Factoring Broker

There’s a little substitute for earning extra cash operating a home-based enterprise with completely flexible hours, even on a part-time basis. Being your boss and having the freedom to work when you want is possible. That is definitely how being a “Factoring Broker” works.

You can make money right from your home (or office for that matter), by merely referring qualified businesses that

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Bad Credit Asset-Based Lending (ABL)

Getting a small business loan is a real hurdle, no matter what kind of credit you have. It gets gruesome for companies with a bad credit score. Or perhaps you are a start-up or newer business looking for business financing.

Many small businesses with these obstacles are looking into different varieties of asset-based loans (ABL) when bad credit or being non-bankable is an issue.

Factors are here to help you navigate through the process of landing fast, affordable funding for your non-b

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International Factoring Association Interviews Paragon Financial’s Jon Anselma

The Commercial Factor a Publication of The International Factoring Association Spotlight on Paragon Financial’s Jon Anselma

Can you talk about Paragon being acquired by TFS? The economics of why you sold (reasonable price, right timing, etc.)? Why that company? Do you see the industry changing and if so, how? What’s next?

The factoring industry has changed exponentially since the first starting Paragon in 1994. I’ve seen countless companies come and go. Paragon has always been profitab

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