Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing For Maintenance Companies

Get cash for your business Paragon Financial gets your the cash your maintenance company needs today. We understand that waiting 30-90 or more days for payment of an invoice creates working capital issues not allowing your company to grow and take on larger opportunities. Through our factoring programs, you will have the money to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers. For example, Paragon worked with a property maintenance start-up for commercial real estate buildings and major retailers. Services include parking lot sweeping, porter service, painting, janitorial, and pressure cleaning. The company had a great opportunity to begin fulfilling a large contract with Wal-Mart. The business started to struggle with payroll funding, which is not uncommon as large retailers can often take months to pay. Paragon tailored a payroll funding program through an accounts receivable factoring line. They resolved their payroll issues and with profitability fulfilled their contract with Wal-Mart. Get started immediately by filling out the simple and quick online application on the right-hand side of this webpage.