Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing For Distribution Companies

Get cash for your business

  • Take on Larger Deals
  • Get up to 95% of your invoice advanced
  • Payroll Gets Paid
  • Boost Your Working Capital
  • Client Credit Services
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Receivable Financing

Paragon Financial was founded in the mid-90′s to help businesses grow through alternative funding. When the banks do not grant business loans or offer too little, Paragon offers distribution companies working capital through invoice factoring and purchase order financing programs. All tailored for distributors specific needs. For example, lets say you have a $400,000 order for wine or t-shirts or other products from a big-box retailer. Your company can buy the materials and labor for $300,000. The problem is your company does not have $300,000 in cash to fulfill the order. Using our credit, Paragon will buy the goods for you. Then have the goods shipped to the big-box retailer. The big-box retailer then pays Paragon and you get the cash. You can get up to 95% of your receivables right now, and the rest when your clients make their final payment. PO Financing allows you to fund much larger deals than you would otherwise be able to. Paragon not only allows you to grow your business, but also becomes your credit department. It’s simple as that! Get started immediately by filling out theĀ simple and quick online application on the right-hand side of this webpage. And remember, Paragon does not sign you on to any long-term contracts. Our agreements allow you the flexibility to factor what you want, when you want. You can pick and choose the accounts that you want to factor.

Let Paragon Improve Your Cash Flow

We Improve Your Cash Flow Without Increasing Your Debt

Invoice factoring is not a loan, so you’re not incurring any debt. We don’t ask for any equity stake in your company. You receive your money immediately upon completion of work. You maintain full control of your business.

Client Credit Services

Paragon can act as your in-house credit department at no cost to you. Before doing business with a new customer, let Paragon give you a comprehensive payment and credit history so you can avoid problem clients.

Accounts Receivable Management

Our online reports provide you with up to the minute reports on your account. Printing out reports for your accounts is a mouse click away. Paragon is not a collection agency, but we do have an experienced team of callers that can put in friendly reminders to past due accounts. After consultation with you, Paragon can remind clients of their obligations.


Here at Paragon, we allow you to use invoice factoring when and if it is favorable for you and your company. We do not ask you to sign on to any long-term contracts. With Paragon, you choose the accounts that you want to factor and, unlike other companies, we do not require you factor the entire account. You get the flexibility to factor what you want, when you want, if and when it’s advantageous for you.

Acquire More Business – Get Discounts From Your Suppliers

Invoice factoring gives you the capital to pursue bigger contracts and clients. Paragon gives you the ability to expand your business. When funds are available, you can pay your suppliers quickly. Sometimes getting as little as a 2% quick pay discount from vendors can absorb most of the cost of factoring.