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We can meet the special needs of a full range of industries in Minnesota
including working with companies in agriculture, forestry, mining, retail
and many others. 

We have worked with several companies in “The North Star State” helping
them with cash flow and factoring needs, for example:

A energy service company located in Minneapolis that offers turnkey energy services was in
need of funding. The company specializes in commercial and residential renewable energy
systems. The company recently signed a contract with a new client to engineer and construct a
wind turbine field. While this was a great opportunity, the company represented a 100% sales
concentration and required extended billing and payment terms, as they themselves were a
young company with limited financial history. Their contract allowed up to 120 days to receive

Paragon worked with the company, investigating the credit worthiness of their new client, and
the company itself. After careful review, they were able to offer the company a $250,00 invoice
factoring line of credit. Thanks to the factoring deal, the company now has the working capital it
needs to meet payroll and has a reliable, stable source of funding in order for future growth.

Paragon serves all areas of Minnesota including Minneapolis, St Paul and Duluth.