maine-factoring-companyInvoice Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing For Your Maine Business

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  • Up to 95% of your Invoice Advanced
  • Payroll Funding
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Customer Credit Services
  • Funding since 1994

We work to finance a full range of industries in Maine
including working with companies in the tourism industry, fishing,
agriculture, transportation and many others.

We work with companies in “The Pine Tree State” helping
them with cash flow and factoring needs, for example:

A staffing company in business for five years working mainly with government agencies hit
a large growth spurt and was factoring with a different company. However, because they fell
behind on their payroll taxes the IRS put a lien on their business. This caused the factoring
company they were using to immediately cut them off on a Monday. They had to meet a large
payroll on Friday, and we’re in a jam. They conducted a search and found Paragon.

Paragon was able to help the company work out a payment plan with the IRS, through their
experience with the IRS and connections with companies that help businesses deal with tax
issues. Once Paragon helped get the company out of this situation, they were able to offer them
a $500,000 line of credit. Because Paragon was able to get this in place in less than 5 days, the
company was able to meet their payroll on time and continue on with their business successfully.

Paragon serves all areas of Maine including Portland, Bangor and Augusta.